By utilizing various wireless technologies and sensors data, Mtuity has been able to break down the silos of the various modules and verticals in a community, to make the vision of an intelligent community a reality. Through the deployment of smart sensors and intelligent edge devices, an intelligent and smart community can help companies and enterprises not just to achieve enormous savings but also, increase in operational efficiency. Our solution for smart communities gives a holistic view of data, aggregated from various smart assets deployed in the last mile. It also lets the campus administrators remotely manage, control & optimize these verticals

Smart Parking

The parking solution combines data from IP cameras, sensors, smartphone apps, and community's Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide parking availability to people in real time.

Smart Lighting

The lighting solution helps communities manage their lighting system to reduce energy and maintenance costs through a common network infrastructure.

Presence Monitoring

The presence monitoring solution combines data from different sensors and shows the real time data of the crowd present in different parts of the community.

Environment Monitoring

The environment monitoring solution combines data from different sensors and shows the real time value for different environment parameters in the community.

Waste Management

The waste management solution helps cities manage and optimize their waste collection, by collecting and analyzing data from the bins across the city.

Security and Surveillance

The security and surveillance solution provides an intelligent fabric that optimizes all stages of the public safety and security process, including detection, assessment, and response. The network collects and provides live information in the surveillance room.

Digital Cieling

The solution combines different building networks such as light, air, physical security, temperature, proximity and more onto a single IP network and create a central hub of intelligence by adding sensors. These sensors connect to and share information with other building networks for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; air quality; physical security; sanitation; and more. Together, they create a ubiquitous network of IoT sensors that can send data about building occupancy, traffic, and environmental conditions to the cloud.