The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the businesses. It is creating opportunities for the new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and greater efficiencies. The real promise of IoT lies in the ability to combine machine-generated data with data created by humans for deeper insight,understanding, and real-time decision-making. It will have a significant impact on nearly every industry, opening up new business models as well as new sources of operational efficiencies.

Our IoT solutions help enterprises connect, manage, monitor, analyze, optimize and control all the verticals and modules in over a common network and data layer, enabling them to improve operational effectiveness, productivity and cost-efficiency.

Atlantis - An IoT Software Platform


Atlantis Policy Engine

ICloud offering that helps to manage assets through complex policies and events.

Atlantis Analytics Engine

A design driven solution that collects and analyze the meaningful relationships in and across domains.

Atlantis Commerce Engine

A platform that lets companies and urban communities monetize the assets through market places.

How it works?


Other Offerings

Problems that we solve

  • Sensors and end devices built on different standards and protocols
  • Data gathered by silos such as lighting, traffic, waste management, Citizen Services etc.
  • Complex Integration problem for different sensors / devices to enable a contextual real time system
  • Lack of expertise in end customer to adopt digitization
  • Technology largely focused on connectivity, IoT software solution, integration and support
  • Operations expertise with domain knowledge, networking skill sets, IoT, Big Data and Analytics expertise with an ability to manage and optimize the deployments
  • Converge data from silos from each vendor device across verticals
  • Analyze a combination of collected data, government data and historical data
  • Enabling contextual knowledge of cross domain capabilities