What is it?

Atlantis IoT management solution help companies and enterprises digitize their infrastructure and assets, via IoT which enable transformational business outcomes.

An IoT platform that combines data from various sources like sensors, APIs etc and delivers a holistic view of the Smart infrastructure for remote monitoring, controlling & optimizing.

An efficient and powerful environment that aggregates, normalizes, and analyzes a wealth of data from a myriad of intelligent sensors and other assets.

A converged network that facilitates information exchange between resources and applications across different domains.

What does Atlantis IoT management solution do?

Atlantis build a converged network, bringing together different verticals and modules of a system on a single foundational network infrastructure. It is an end-to-end open platform enabling IoT services across various verticals and industries like Retail, Transportation, Smart Infra, Smart cities amongst others
The solution is designed to run on both on premise and cloud servers, it guarantees secure and reliable data transfer and supports many devices and custom protocols.

It provides:

  • Building blocks for creation of domain specific application
  • Wired and wireless, scalable, and highly secure network platform
  • A data management framework to help enable data collection, organization, and sharing
  • Support to many end devices/sensors through standard and custom protocols
  • Gateway solutions framework for supporting edge process and analytics
  • Monitor: The user gets an overview of all the modules, which is an organized information presented in a way that is easy to read and monitor. Our alert and notifications based monitoring solution keeps a check on various parameters of the modules and verticals
  • Control: The control solution works well with the monitoring system and lets users create customized policies and rules for specific requirements directly from the interface
  • Optimize: The solution helps users in optimizing the complete system, by letting them create events, which are special instances that would create some mentioned action for specific requirements

How it works?