August 15th, 2012
   by chaparala

Closet Groupie

Closet Groupie is a community where women are building online consignment businesses using inventory from their closets. Our Closet Curators are scouring their closets and their friends’ closets for the best unworn fashion to start their businesses. They snap pictures, upload, and ship the garments once they sell. Shoppers can find one of a kind piece at amazing prices to add to their personal collection. Learn more about becoming a Closet Curator.

Paradigm Creatives along with the development, testing and delivery has also handled creation of proper user stories, wire frames and UI with its UI/UX team.

Scope of the project is to develop an iPhone Application that shall allow users to shoot pictures of their closet collection and upload them on the App for buying or selling them. Some of the in-scope items for developing the iPhone App are as follows:

  • Login Page
August 4th, 2012
   by chaparala

Brand Merchandising

Brand Merchandising

Business need

Client is looking for brands with real-time insight into their store merchandising through an

June 19th, 2012
   by chaparala

Urban Airship Rich Push Visual Demos and Customer Discovery

Christopher Dean, Chief Revenue Officer, Urban Airship

May 30th, 2012
   by chaparala

Chelon Babe HMI

The Chelon Automotive ( Babe HMI is a customized version of the default android UI. This customized UI will provide the framework on which future applications can be built for the automotive environment.

For example, the Chleon UI launcher application has large icons in the launcher (only 8 applications per screen) and easy accessibility to each application (maximum of 3 touches to reach any application). The launcher application is also modified to have easy access to system notifications and application shortcuts at all times.

Paradigm Creatives along with the development, testing and delivery has also handled creation of proper user stories, wire frames and UI with its UI/UX team.

Project Hours / Timeframe

This project took approximately 500 hours of Paradigm Creative time, from start to finish took approximately two months calendar time.

There were multiple parts of the applications that we created. Paradigm Creatives changed the Android framework according to the client requirements, like adding global back button (similar to Honeycomb system bar back button), which is used to pop the android stack.

And we created a global option service, which has three parts,

  1. A Multitasking area, which contains recently, used applications or an app developer can use an API to update this area with their content.
  2. A Global option menu
  3. A shortcut area, which contains a maximum of six shortcuts. The user can add/remove shortcuts to this panel.

This global option service is accessible at any time so that user can easily navigate from any application.

The coolest thing about this project default Android UI with custom UI that’s suitable for automotives

The biggest challenges were working at the Android framework level to add the top header and global option menu. We also needed to modify the default Android status bar at the bottom to show alerts and ads.

April 4th, 2012
   by Administrator

Marketing Innovators

MI delivers value to clients by improving the performance of people who affect their business success. MI has been combining Industry expertise with cross-industry best practices to help organizations develop and deploy people performance management strategies for more than 33 years. MI creates solutions that align behaviors, actions and activities, with organizational values, goals, and strategies for sustainable growth and profitability, which include:

  • Fully integrated solutions including award platform, administration and fulfillment
  • Flexible and scalable state of the art technology.

Project Name

Development of Consumer Campaign

Consumer Campaign envisaged the solution as being a web-based solution.

April 4th, 2012
   by Administrator

Referral marketing and analytics platform

Referral marketing and analytics platform for New York tech startup

Business Need

Company is developing an ecommerce optimized sharing widget that helps shoppers spread the word through Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. Behind the sharing widget are powerful analytics designed for retailers to understand the effectiveness of social channels and identify influencers


  • Less than 90 days to go to market
  • 90 % of technologies are relatively new


Paradigm worked as part of clients team in developing both the front-end and backend for both the widget and analytics

The technologies involved HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, UI, backbone.js, require.js, Node.js, Couch Base and Redis. The project size was about 5,000 person hours.

How were the challenges met?

  • Team available based on clients requirements on cutting edge technologies and extend their effort and made it live in less than 90 days

Coolest thing about this project

Integration of all social and communication platforms into a simple widget and powerful real time analytics.